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Doing it one drabble at a time. : )

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A fan fic challenge community in which you write 500 short fics.

Welcome to shortfic_500!

The basic gist of it, however, is that you pick a prompt table, a fandom, and perhaps (a) fandom character(s) and write 500 stories all between the word length of 75 words and 125 words. Since it would be pretty hard to get the beginning, middle, and end of a story out of the way in such a short amount of words, that ISN'T your goal -- your goal is just to express something.

That's it.


Prompt Table One "Another Day"

Fandoms + Claims

You can see all the claims in the memories section too.


1. Before you can do anything, you need to join first.

2. Stories, extensive posts (>200 words of story RELATED text, but not the story itself [beginning story info counts as story itself, but not in a word-count way]), images, and videos go into a cut. No exceptions.

3. No off-topic posts.

4. Don’t criticize someone just because you can. If it isn’t helpful, don’t say it.

5. Don’t get pissed off if someone writes something and you don’t like it. They’re the writer, they can write whatever the fuck they want to write. Get over it.

6. No advertising for other communities unless it’s accompanied by an on-topic post. In other words, if you’re posting the link to a story, you can put somewhere out of the way (such as at the end of the story or right after your cut and before the story text). If it isn’t accompanied by an on-topic post, it will be deleted.

7. You can’t mix prompt tables.

8. You can do more than one prompt at a time, but they can’t be for the same c/cp.

9. When posting a story, you need to include the following in your post BEFORE the cut:

Beginning Story Info

And ALWAYS add the tab we gave you!

10. When you sign up for a claim, make your subject, "We've killed D-Cup and the Falsies" to let me know that you've read the rules.

11. Rate your story appropriately. I don't really care about language in the pre-cut, but you still need to rate everything between G and NC-17. Everyone reads everything at their own risk of being offended, and by joining the community you accept the possibility of being offended.

Break enough of these rules and you’ll be banned. You aren’t impressing anyone, so don’t do it.

For more information please visit the F.A.Q..


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